Xcel Infinity wetsuit review

Xcel Infinity Wetsuit
The Xcel infinity wetsuit promises "less seam and more stretch" - in my case I was looking for a comfortable suit that would work for August surfing along Cape Cod - hopefully without getting chomped by a shark (several sightings this summer) or hammered too hard by choppy surf.

First impression  - this is a very stretchy comfortable suit. The inner lining has an almost fleece like feel - two different thicknesses and colors along top and bottom halves.

Infinity - arm seam and wrist gasket
 I have fairly small wrists and the wrist closure fit very snug - good for keeping water out - but hard to get on.

Xcel infinity ankle gasket
 The ankle gasket was this bit of zig zag rubber - was pretty easy to get on and off.
excel infinity neck opening

Hard to tell from this photo but the zipper doesn't go down as far as many other suits - and there is a flap that stretches from one side to the other. This is intended to catch water coming in through the zipper - but it makes the suit a bit hard to get on.

Overall - the suit is well constructed and very comfortable to wear. On the down side - the short zipper combined with very tight wrists and forearms makes this a tough suit to get off.

Use test coming after my August trip to the Cape...

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