Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt Review and wear test

The Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt is pretty pricey for a shirt - but after finding it online for cheap(er) I thought I'd give it a go and see how it stands up. My quick review and wear test summary: awesome.

Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt

The Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt is a western styled "flannel" shirt from Mountain Khaki. The unusual thing about this shirt is the blend used in the fabric - a Poly/Wool/Lycra blend. I've worn and washed the shirt a few times now and can only describe the fabric as burly (feels sturdier and warmer than other flannels) but wearable. I'm pretty sure John Wayne's flannel western shirts didn't have any Lycra in them - but it definitely adds a nice wearability to what would otherwise be a heavier feeling shirt. After washing and drying - the shirt didn't shrink at all and there was no color fade.

I have found there to be a slight 'wool' feel to the shirt - I normally don't like the feel of wool directly against my skin - but in this case it isn't itchy - just warmer.