Triumph Stockton Jacket Review

 Review and use test - Triumph Stockton Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I've been looking for a good leather jacket to replace an old textile version for a while - came across this Stockton jacket at my local Triumph dealer and picked it up a couple of days ago.

First impressions:

Beautifully made, excellent craftsmanship. The leather is strong - but very flexible and easy to wear. Has a nice "mid weight" feel to it. I'm 5'10" 160pounds and the mens 42 fit perfectly. Sleeves exactly the right length and torso snug but not too tight. The forearms are snug but not too tight and the cuff zippers allow for easy on and off.

Riding report:

Very comfortable riding. The back has expandable panels around the shoulders which made reaching forward easy.

Triumph Stockton Jacket - front view

There are two zippers on the front - just below each shoulder. These allow air to vent in nicely. Zipper pulls are solid and well made. On the plus - great ventilation for a leather jacket. On the minus - the zipper is never airtight so in cold weather there is still a bit of a draft.

Triumph Stockton Jacket - rear view

The zipper across the back allow for air flow front to back - again - one of the best ventilated leather jackets I've seen.

Triumph Stockton Jacket - rear vent open

Yet another rear vent - this time vertically along the side.

Fall Update
It is Fall here in Vermont now  and the weather is getting cooler. I've had the jacket for several months and it has held up well - all zipper pulls still working and all seems look great. The problem lies with the bicep zipper - in cold weather the cold air just sort of streams in and is pretty cold again my bicep. The air travels up along the shoulder. I've had the bike and jacket out in 45 degree weather and while overall it is toasty with the liner zipped in place, I can tell already that the bicep zipper is going to be a problem when it gets really cold. Suggestions? Maybe black tape on the inside once it gets cold?


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