JS compressor and optimizer

yet another great resource from Google that i've overlooked until now. Take any js file - and optimize it simply by pointing this tool to the URL for your js file. http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/home happy coding. bp


Using Google Webfonts

Not sure how i missed this one - but google has a great way to move beyond traditional 'web safe fonts'. Point your browser to: http://www.google.com/webfonts fast, very easy to deploy and free. Between this and HTML5 we'll never have to use graphic designers again for headings :-) -bp


jsfiddle - best resource on the web ever

Love this concept, site and resource. JSFiddle allows for quick test and share for jquery and ajax based UI dev.

Check out http://jsfiddle.net/5DCZw/2/ for an example.

happy coding.


google music on iPhone

very interesting that google music web app on iPhone can run in the background - when most web apps can not. Turns out that there is a specific exception for music streaming from a web app in the iPhone safari environment.

I've just started to dig into how google does this - but for the readers enjoyment i've attached the HTML that google uses to render their player in an iPhone environment (spoofed iPhone browser from firefox and view/copy/edit/paste found HTML).

Good luck parsing this - i'm very interested in seeing the javascript code that runs all this...


source files: http://www.logsitall.com/webkit/google-music-mobile.html