Give'r 4 season glove review

First the leather. Incredible quality and burl. Feels more like a baseball glove than ski gloves.

4 days old


The question now, what are they good for?
I've tried them skiing several times in temps down to 9f and up to 35f. Contrary to what the product description says I've found them to be depressingly cold and poorly insulated. For lift serve anything under 25f and my fingers were always cold. Maybe if I'd sized them up there would be more room for air space but as it is, they are a no go for skiing unless you are working hard while you are outside.

In terms of wearing them for skinning uphill, the breathability made them sweaty on the up and freezing on the down. Another non starter.

I heat with wood and spend a lot of time splitting, stacking and hauling wood. It was here that these gloves hit their sweet spot for me. Good dexterity, good grip and impervious to splinters. Great for adding wood to the fire as the wrist guard leather goes high enough to protect the wrists.

On the whole, an incredibly well built glove but a bit over hyped on the ski front. Happy with the purchase, but wouldn't recommend or be likely to buy another.