Tips for retiring early with a little less...

Retiring early is hard. Retiring early with little money is really hard. Here are things I've found can help.

1. Live where you want to be.
If you live in Jersey but want to be in Florida you are screwed. Travel is expensive and a second home is out of the question if you aren't rich so live where you want to be OR enjoy living where you are.

2. Find a source of revenue that you love

Doesn't matter if it is a paper route, making some money in retirement is vital. Even a few hundred dollars a month really adds up and it can cover a few essential luxuries like a good beer.

3. Find and enjoy cheap or free luxuries
Open air concerts, shore fishing, long walks. Retirement means time and if you can find cheap ways to enjoy your time then you are half way there.

4. Physical health is essential
If you are smoking then stop. If you are overweight then start losing weight. Health issues will crush any chance of a retirement on a budget.

5. Help your kids lives be better.
Family is where it is at. Have a sister you don't know or grand kids you rarely see? Go see them now. Spending time with family is cheap luxury and one that pays long term benefits for all.