Hearthstone heritage IV review

 Got it in soapstone last fall. Looks pretty. Draws for crap. Doesn't get hot and after a full season doesn't appear to be any more effecient than my old one. Produces just as much creosote and requires the same frequency of chimney cleaning. The catalytic converter doesn't throw off any extra heat that I can detect. Not recommended. 


Blue Apron review - why I'm cancelling


Blue Apron Review - why I'm cancelling

Signed up while I had a broken leg. Good at first but over the weeks the cost and packaging started to drive me crazy. 

The quality of the meals seemed to vary - many didn't taste much different that they would have if I had purchased my own piece of fish and added some salt/pepper/garlic powder on my own.

Then there is the packaging - giant piles of freezer packs, foil insulating wraps and cardboard. Piled up on my back porch until I finally got around to taking them out.

About 20% of the time there was something missing from the recipe or mystery recipe cards would appear.

At the end of the day Blue Apron does not feel like a long term solution - rather a short term sort of useful "break up the routine" kind of thing.