Blue Apron review - why I'm cancelling


Blue Apron Review - why I'm cancelling

Signed up while I had a broken leg. Good at first but over the weeks the cost and packaging started to drive me crazy. 

The quality of the meals seemed to vary - many didn't taste much different that they would have if I had purchased my own piece of fish and added some salt/pepper/garlic powder on my own.

Then there is the packaging - giant piles of freezer packs, foil insulating wraps and cardboard. Piled up on my back porch until I finally got around to taking them out.

About 20% of the time there was something missing from the recipe or mystery recipe cards would appear.

At the end of the day Blue Apron does not feel like a long term solution - rather a short term sort of useful "break up the routine" kind of thing.


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