Is social distancing and isolation working to flatten the curve of new corona virus infections? A quantitative approach

Is social distancing and social isolation working to flatten the curve of new corona virus infections and how do you measure the impact?

Here in my home state of Vermont I took the published data of positive test results to date (3/21) and then fit a "best fit" line to the existing data using google sheet formula GROWTH. I then compared the 'best fit line' against actual data to date to verify that the function was closely approximating current data.

I then projected this data out 7 days into the future. The resulting chart for Vermont looks like this

The actual number of positive test results on 3/21 was 49. The projected curve goes out 7 days into the future.

As shown the projected number of positives in 7 days is predicted to be 498.

Over the next 7 days I can plot the actual number as they are calculated and compare them against the prediction. If we "flatten the curve" the actual will be below the line.

Updated 3/22 - first sign of 'flatten the curve'




Three good reasons for not buying a chromebook

I own an Asus C302 Chromebook and love it. Mostly.

Here are three good (and un-solvable) reasons to never buy a Chromebook.

1. Good luck trying to connect to in-flight entertainment systems while flying. There is a lot of chatter on this subject on Reddit and other but at the end of the day watching streaming video while inflight on a Chromebook is impossible. Can't be done. If you travel a lot and were planning on watching in-flight entertainment forget it. You'll be watching downloaded netflix movies instead.

2. Bluetooth headset + video = disappointment. Bluetooth is getting better on Chromebooks (I hear) but you still can't use a BT headset to listen to audio while watching a movie. Audio services are better - but even these are a bit hit or miss.

3. If you are pursuing an online degree through WGU you will not be able to use a Chromebook to take exams. It isn't compatible with their online proctoring system. Bummer.

4. (maybe) As far as I know Skype for business is not compatible with Chromebooks.

I still love my Chromebook and use it often - however you'll need to find a workaround if any of the 4 reasons above apply to you.

Happy travels.


Pandora music keeps pausing while using Bluetooth headset on Android

Frustrating issue while using my Plantronics bluetooth headset connected to my Pixel2 Android phone. The music would pause at what appeared to be random times while listening to Pandora. I tried a variety of things but ended up finding a simple solution.

Go into settings for sounds/notifications and tun off all notification sounds. As soon as I did this, the music no longer paused. The pauses were being triggered by notification sounds.

[update. Turned out to be a conflict with the bluetooth on my chromebook. Turn off bt on the chromebook and problem went away.]