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This is a review and user experience (mine) after switching from Geico to Esurance (a Safeco company). After being with Geico/Travelers for several years I made my first claim - my front deck collapsed after snowfall from my roof this past winter. Gieco paid quickly and in full - all good.

Sadly - this resulted in a substantial jump in my insurance premium so I began searching for alternatives. The Esurance website was easy to find and easy to use - and after soliciting quotes from several other companies - ended up selecting Esurance because they were the cheapest home owners insurance I could find.

The problem started after Esurance "placed" my policy with an underwriter. The underwriting company was based in California (I'm in Vermont) - so they sent out an inspector to check out my house. The inspector arrived on a day when i wasn't there - and did not contact me before or after the inspection.

A few weeks later I received a notice of cancellation. After two months!

The reasons given? 

*Peeling paint on my garage.
*No railing around my tree house (under construction - no access).
*no fire hydrant.

We live in Vermont and no one in our neighborhood has a fire hydrant. The tree house has no access - no stairs or ladder. The peeling paint was on our garage only.

After calling to complain I was told that the decision was final and made on the part of the "underwriter" who I was never allowed to talk to them. After getting stuck on hold multiple times I was finally told that "that was all there was" and told to go away. End of story.

My take away on all this? Stay away from Esurance. Stick with a known brand or better yet a local agent.

Esurance Review: One star

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