Outdoor Research Skyward review

OR Skyward Review
It has been a hell of a season. Good snow here in Vermont and 100+ days on it. I picked up a pair of Skyward bib ski pants late in the season so have about 20 days on them. A quick review.

1. The fabric is awesome. I've worn it with a light polypro layer, wool, heavy fleece and nothing. Against bare skin on a warm day the fabric feels almost like a pair of jeans. Slight stretch, awesome breathability and great feel. The surface is slightly shiny - not like slick goretex fabric and slicker than traditional softshell. The result is a surface that water runs off. It is fairly durable although a crampon did puncture the instep on the way up Mt. Washington but almost any fabric would have done the same.

2. The features are awesome. Great assortment of pockets, vents, zippers and zip on/zip off bib. Best in the category.

3. The fit is slim. I'm 5 9 159 pounds and it fits perfect - like a pair of prana size 32 jeans. Any bigger in the waist and the medium wouldn't fit at all. The bib is really snug -in fact I take it off most of the time.

4. The fly zipper is too short for easy access. Particularly with the bib you don't stand a chance of an easy nature pee...

5. Waterproofness is awesome. I've had them in pouring rainstorms and been bone dry.

6. Warmth is fair. I find that in hard blowing cold wind some air gets through. This is a necessary tradeoff for the high breathability. 

7. Leg opening is perfect for my scarpa maestrale. The power strap slot in the powder cuff works but I find it to be kind of fiddly for regular use.

On the whole, my favorite ski pants yet - particularly for uphill skiing.

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