Lincoln Academy High school program review

On a whim I clicked on a link from AOL to the Lincoln Academy who's website proudly states:

Earn your accredited high school diploma online with Lincoln Academy today

My question was simply: How much does a high school degree from Lincoln Academy cost?

Being the suspicious type I decided to look over their site and learn more. At an amazingly low price of only $299 for a high school diploma I thought at first that I'd stumbled onto the future of online education. I do see a future where all high learning institutions will offer pure online versions of their curriculum at a fraction of their "on site" tuition costs - maybe Lincoln Academy was on the forefront of this trend...

After reading through their site and then chatting online with their customer service rep I realized that the fee only covers administering the tests. No actual education was being offered. You could order "study guided" for only $15/subject - but there was actually no education being offered for this price.

Unless the study guides say "the answer to question 12 is 3 meters/second" I'm not sure how a $15 study guide can possible prepare you for a high school test in math, science or any other subject.

The world of online education is largely the wild west and this is another example of buyer beware. Unless you have attended (and remember) all your high school classes and simply forgot to take the actual tests I'd put the LA program in the total scam category.

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  1. This fake school is being sued by the Texas Attorney General. They are a FAKE school. See the details at:




    The complaint says it all. A also learned that a Criminal complaint is forthcoming. If you were scammed by this fake school, you should contact the Texas Office of the Attorney General at: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov