JVC Adixxion Action Cam - with WiFi

JVC Adixxion HD video cam review and troubleshooting...

Just purchased a new JVC adixxion video cam after a good bit of review reading and comparison shopping between the latest GoPro and the Adixxion. In the end I went with the JVC because of price (for $200 WITH an SD card the Adixxion was a clear winner) and because of the promise of WiFi use.

Right out of the gate I ran into a problem with the JVC and Wifi - I couldn't get the Adixxion to connect to my Iphone  - followed the instructions and no joy.

It turned out that the installed firmware on my Adixxion was quite a bit out of date - and needed to be updated before doing anything. This wasn't too hard - you just have to visit the JVC product page and then click on the firware update link. This lets you download the updater onto an SD card (my computer has a built in SD card reader) - then when you insert the SD card into your JVC you can trigger the update. Current build is 492 I was on 385 or something.

As soon as I updated the firmware, I was immediately able to connect my iPhone to the Adixxion using the JVC iPhone app and I was in business. I was also able to upload videos directly to youTube right from the camera - which is pretty useful - since once they are uploaded you can use youTube's suite of video editing tools to trim and splice your videos together.

Then came the acid test - how is the image quality?

... stay tuned for video and still test results...

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  1. Wie wil hun kostbare moment niet vastleggen? Ik denk het niet. Hoe zit het in het water? Dat is een grote vraag. Daarvoor is deze 4k ultra hd actie camera-handleiding de perfecte oplossing omdat het een geweldige uitvinding is om in het water te gebruiken.