Pick one - ski magazine 10 best mountains you've never skied

I've just finished reading november's issue of ski magazine that talks about 10 best mountains you've never skied.

As it happens I've skied most of them - here is what I'd tell fiends who were trying to decide which one to head to.

Grand targhee
This is one of my personal favorites - but then again I also like alta and mad river Glenn. This resort has a simplicity that is quickly vanishing. Don't look for million dollar water parks and costumed performers - just 1970 era condo lodging and really nice runs. I don't remember great vertical but rather hero run after hero run. If your kids like to ski bring them. If your spouse want to shop and spa - leave them behind.

Powder mountain
A don't miss destination. Hardest part is finding a place to stay nearby. I recommend staying in SLC proper at one of their cheap hotels - then using a rental car to get there.

A basin

Stevens pass

Mt rose
This was the first place I ever encountered true Sierra Cement. One of the deapest and most aweful ski experiences of my life. Cool vibe and some nic terrain, but as a destination I'd pick somewhere else unless I was already nearby.

Epic and great. One of the best places around the Tahoe area. If you like to ski and want to be near the Tahoe area, this is a don't miss.

Seriously? You've get all the drawbacks of Vermont ski areas plus the drive minus ameneties. If it is a powder day and you can arrange to stay for a while and you don't have a family, then go for it. The lack of crowds ensures you will have fresh pow all day long, but for my $$ I'd pick a less out of the way place. Or just fly to Utah.


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