Build your own free iPad stylus

OK - not totally free - but pretty darn close.

Before buying a fancy stylus I wanted to try one out with my new iPad. A quick google search pointed me towards sponges (nearly any sponge will do as cellulose retains the moisture needed to be conductive) as the conductive material of choice - but i wanted to have a larger pen shaped stylus.

I ended up hijacking one of our sharpie markers with the retractable points and turning it into a pretty nice stylus by cutting a triangle shaped piece of sponge and stuffing it into the end - and trimming to shape.

After I had the point shaped to size I then took a paperclip - and bent the end so that I could hook it into the same space as the sponge. This is necessary to get an electrical contact going between my hand and the sponge stylus tip.

The result?

Tip of the stylus showing the sponge and tip of paperclip
The all important sponge - showing the corner I cut off to make the stylus tip
Stylus overview - showing the paper clip wrapped around the pen body and inserted into the sponge end

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