Using AdWords to determine best book title

I love the simplicity and speed of this concept... I believe this idea could be used for the name evaluation for almost anything  - from company to product to URL to brand names - almost anything could be run through this algorithym.


Wired: Speaking of testing, I assume you market-tested the title of the book?
Ferriss: Oh yeah, with about 4,000 people, in three separate rounds. Testing is how I ended up with the title of The 4-Hour Workweek as well. That was one of about 12 titles I tested using Google AdWords.
I bid on keywords or phrases associated with the book content, like “world travel,” “401K,” etc.
And then the ads that were displayed had the title of the book as the headline and the subtitle as the ad text. And then I just looked at the clickthrough rates.
Wired: What was on the pages when people clicked through?
Ferriss: Nothing. Just “under construction”.

From this Wired article:

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