Conversion tracking 101

1. tag ads (in other words use the link i just sent to append the destination that visitors go to when clicking your banner ads).
[3:47:56 PM] bill patton: 2. Set up the "goals" within your GA account.
[3:48:42 PM] bill patton: **each goal would be something like "submitted custom quote" or "submitted regular quote". You'll set up a goal for each of your contact/conversion types.
[3:49:08 PM] bill patton: This is done at the root level within your GA account by deciding which page defines a conversion (usuall a 'thank you page' or similar).
[3:50:06 PM] bill patton: 3. Once you have set up the goals and tags within GA and your advertising vendor you'll see within your GA account "traffic sources" - campaigns.
[3:50:26 PM] bill patton: Within each campaign you will see the # of visits and the # of conversions - giving your the conversion info you are looking for.
[3:51:11 PM] bill patton: 4. for bonus credit - calculate your average revenue per conversion - you can associate a $$ value for each conversion rule - this will then let you start calculating the value/click vs. the cost/click you are paying for.

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